Will Insurance Cover Your ED Medicines?

Thousands of men have found a cure for their ED problem yet still are not having sex.  Why?   They simply can’t afford the cost of treatment.  The ED drugs which include Cialis, Viagra, Levitra and Staxyn all cost about $10 per pill in your local pharmacy. If you are having sex twice a week, then this can cost you over $1,000 annually!  If you are taking Cialis daily (which is a bit cheaper than the other ED drugs), the costs add up even faster.

Before 2006, many health insurance companies paid for ED drugs so long as it was an approved treatment and the ED was caused by a diagnosable illness, like hypertension or diabetes.  That changed though when federal regulations prohibited Medicare and Medicaid from paying for the ED drugs. It didn’t take long for the private health insurance companies to follow suit.  There are still some insurers which cover the costs of ED drugs.  However, there are usually limits to how many pills they will cover – usually about 8 pills per month.  This is fine if you are only having sex occasionally, but what about if you have sex more often?  And what about if you are taking Cialis daily, the ED treatment which doesn’t have to be timed with your sex life?

Before you start worrying about the cost of your Cialis daily treatment, you should call your health insurance provider and ask what their specific policy is for the medicine.  Some insurers will limit the amount of Cialis 36 Hour pills they will pay for but will cover more Cialis daily.  If your insurance company doesn’t cover much or any of your treatment, don’t worry because there are still other options.

This year, the patent on Viagra is going to run out.  That means that other, generic companies will be allowed to make their own versions of the drug.  Of course, there have already been numerous generic ED drugs available online for years.  The difference is that now these drugs will be FDA approved.  While the patent on Cialis is not scheduled to run out until 2018, we can still expect the prices of Cialis to drop in order to compete with the generic Viagra.

You can save a lot of money on your Cialis prescription by ordering it online instead of at your local pharmacy.  There is a lot of competition amongst online pharmacies so they have to push their prices down.  Plus, the overhead costs of an online pharmacy are much less than your local pharmacy. If you are prescribed Cialis 5mg or 10mg, you can also save money on your Cialis prescription by buying Cialis 10mg or 20mg and cutting the tablets in half.  With these combined efforts, you should be able to save a substantial amount on your Cialis prescription so sex doesn’t have to be so costly!