Tramadol and its side effects

Tramadol is a drug that can be used to treat pain of various degrees ranging from moderate to severe. But like any drug, it can produce unpleasant — and even destructive — side effects, among which the most common include sweating, throwing up, and constipation. Patients may also have difficulty breathing. And those prescribed the drug may go through withdrawal symptoms when the prescription runs out — unless they are weaned off the drug gradually. If the prescription was for general pain relief, such symptoms have been known to include thrashing around in bed or sensations similar to those caused by electric shock.

Here is a list of some other more or less common side effects that tramadol has been known to produce:
* diarrhea
* loss of appetite
* allergic reactions, such as hives, swelling in the mouth or tongue
* persistent headache
* swelling or bleeding in the skin
* hallucinations
* depression

If a pregnant woman has used tramadol, the newborn baby can experience neonatal withdrawal. The drug also passes into mother’s milk, and so women who are nursing should avoid taking it unless it is absolutely necessary.

Tramadol can interact with other drugs the patient is using.

The drug can also be abused and cause addiction. Withdrawal symptoms are typically similar to those caused by opiate withdrawal and may include seizures and symptoms associated with SSRI (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor) discontinuation syndrome (commonly known as the “zaps”), such as sweating, nausea, insomnia, vertigo, and tremor.

No one who has been addicted to drugs or alcohol should take tramadol, nor should a person who has attempted suicide, or is allergic to the medicine. And seizures are more likely to result from tramadol use if the user already has a history of seizures. Never take the drug while intoxicated or using sedatives or tranquilizers such as Vallium, or medicines for depression or mental illness.

At the end of the day, you should always consult your physician for questions regarding tramadol, and report any unexpected side effects to him. Also keep the medicine away from others and never share it with anybody. Do not crush the tablets into powder. the inhalation of which can be harmful or even fatal.